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Skeletal Memento Mori Prototype Rings

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These rings are some of the very first "prototypes" of this ring that I made years back. The crystal coffins are a bit taller than the current crystals that I use and the rings have a bit more oxidation. Instead of melting them down I have decided to list them at a discounted price.

925 sterling silver ring band with extremely detailed band featuring two full skeletons, with a crown atop one's head signifying that "death is the ruler of all." Atop the other skeleton's head there is an hourglass, representing the fact that time is passing. All details on the ring are reserved on black enamel that encircles the outer ring loops. The focal point of this ring is the skeleton carved out of sterling silver that in encapsulated by a pristine faceted casket shaped crystal.

Memento Mori jewelry dates back the Victorian era and was jewelry worn in  mourning/remembrance of a loved one.


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