Leviticus Jewelry was established in 2005 after the birth of designer Tara Levitin's first child. Tara wanted to take her lifelong passion for jewelry making and turn it into a means to support her family. This gave Tara an outlet to be as creative as possible while allowing her to have the freedom she needed to raise her family, which is her top priority in life. 

Leviticus is an inspired collection of pieces created by designer Tara Levitin. Named in homage to her late brother Levi and the childhood nickname she once conjured for her older sibling, her line ranges and is imbued by pieces with a slightly dark, dare–we say gothic sensibility to stunning classic ceremonial pieces.

Browse through her provocative collection and you’ll discover subtle historical details woven into Levitin’s very modern work. Moved by pieces from the past, from one-of-a-kind antique baubles she’s unearthed at estate sales to the storied black jet (mourning) jewelry popularized in the Victorian era, to unique sparkling engagement rings made from fine gemstones, Levitin’s design direction reflects a sentimentality with a patina rich in history, yet current and on the cutting edge.


It is extremely important to us that all of the gemstones that are used in our jewelry are ethically sourced, making sure that everyone that we work with are respected and treated with love.